Broadcasting mundane culture in a post analog world.

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News at OMG TV

OMG TV is no-longer broadcasting live in Vancouver. The Olympics have passed and we had to take down the transmitter. We'll be broadcasting again in Vancouver and possibly NYC in the fall of '10. Meanwhile we'll still be broadcasting live video sets right here at, and where else the videos get embedded.
We're going to be restructuring the format opening it up to other uses, both has a content platform for pirate tv, and for web streaming moving to ogg theora + HTML 5 system. Hollr if you care to help!

We're in Vancouver right transmitting our mundane webscraped content to the downtown Vancouver. We just updated our streaming server as well, using a custom open-source version of flash called red5. Better yet is that our tv stream is also embedable so any one can add it to their website. like so --->>>

<embed src="" width="450" height="300" allowscriptaccess="always"

things got a little hairy installing our antenna here in Vanouver.

OMG TV began broadcasting analog television on channel 14 on Friday February 12th in Vancouver, Canada. We started transmitting 2 hours before the opening ceremonies to offer a mundane alternative to the sports intensive programing of other TV stations. We'll be broadcasting our remix culture programming 24/7 until the end of the Olympics.
Please jump and create your own programming!
Enjoy - OMG TV