OMG I'm on .TV is post-analog TV station broadcasting in Vancouver on channel 14. We're broadcasting internet content to your TV, through a low-power TV transmitter. The website acts as an aggregator of online video content. You get to create the shows, vote on the shows, and participate in the whole process.

The TV station will run during the Vancouver Olympics and will explore new content broadcast through an old nostalgic format. So if not so interested in sports, and just want to zone out, then tune in. So enjoy it while it lasts.

There are a lot of great things about analog TV in addition to its fuzzy format. We love the lack of control. On the web, so many options create a panic of possibilities. On OMG TV, there is no fast forward button or other videos to distract you. In OMG TV's simplicity you can sit back and watch one video at a time.


Feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions,
or other matters of interest at omgimontv at gmail.com
This is a public project with the support of several not-for-profit institutions. We're providing this service with the public interest in mind. No money is changing hands and everything is done with you, the viewer and content creator in mind.

We welcome all feedback and will do our best to respond to all mail in a timely fashion.