What is OMG TV?

OMG I'm on .TV is post-analog TV station broadcasting in Vancouver. We're broadcasting internet content to your TV, through a low-power TV transmitter. You get to create the shows, and vote on the shows. We built this station to embrace internet and remix culture, and finally to celebrate analog TV.

How will I be able to tune into this station?

Don't throw out those rabbit ears because this is the only way to tune into our station. You will need to reconnect your TV to an old pair of antenna, and to be within range of our transmitter. We will be broadcasting to channels 14 the Vancouver area. If you don't live in Vancouver, or don't have a TV you can watch OMG TV online.

What types of programs are there?

The programming is a combination of user generated and curated content. Anyone who sets up an account will have the ability to set up there own show and have it voted on by other users. In addition to this, there are a number of special events programs created by guest curators that will be show through out the month. You can find out the dates and times in the schedule section of the site.

How long with OMG I'm on .TV be broadcasting?

OMG im on .tv will be broadcasting for 30 days, so tune in while you can.

How do I set up an account?

To setup an account, click the log in link on the right sidebar. On the User Account page there will be a Create new account link and follow the steps. You will be sent an email immediately. Once you receive that email, click on the provided link to enter OMG I'm on .TV and change your password. Now you're ready to create shows!

How do I create shows

Once you have received your password you will be able to submit shows. Log in with your new user name and password. There are a number of ways that you will be able to submit content, such as a Youtube playlist, or by keywords and selection fields.

How do shows get broadcast?

The shows with the highest votes will be broadcast, so if you have a favorite program that you want to see, make sure that you log in and take part in the voting process. Its your station. We have no control over what gets broadcast, so it is up to you to vote and decide.

I have suggestions or questions?

Once you have an account you will be able to post all over the site, harass the forum, and comment on yr favorite videos. Feel free to can contact us directly, or post on the forum.