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After June 12th, for the first time in history, analog television will be rendered useless and the spectrum will go black. Thats when OMG TV goes live! OMG TV will immediately take advantage of the digital television transition and put analog airwaves back to use. The analog void will be filled with a stew of remixed videos, music, and non-commercial, internet-based content.

In just a few days OMGImOn.TV steps boldly into a legal grey area, broadcasting on Channel 14 across all New York City's five boroughs and portions of New Jersey and Connecticut. By embracing the Federal White Space Initiative and Fair-Use guidelines, OMG TV operates without a traditional and expensive network license. Anyone can watch by plugging in their analog antenna or tuning on to the website. is a non-commercial initiative by anonymous group of artists and media activists who aim to create television that reflects our current culture. OMG TV allows anyone to become a TV executive! Yes, you can compile your own TV show using your favorite internet videos and pop culture memes - you can do whatever you want! OMG TV will be packed with user-curated web gems which viewers will vote onto the broadcast using the website.

In addition to the fun this project highlights important public policy issues enabling under-served communities, without cable access or computer access to Internet culture; maximizing the use of nation’s radio spectrum; and exploring issues surrounding content distribution in an digital, Internet-enabled world.

OMG TV wants to be your new favorite TV station. Grab an old analog TV and tune in starting June 12th! If you already pulled an Elvis and put a bullet in your TV, then go to to watch live online.