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News at OMG TV

Over the last two months, OMG IM ON DOT TV has been quietly broadcasting in NYC on analog Channel 14 and online at OMGImOn.TV. Since the digital transition, OMG IM ON DOT TV has been the only analog television station broadcasting in NYC. It has met its goal of providing an alternative to top-down network television, and providing a resource to those left behind in the digital transition. It has also finished its 45 day mission of broadcasting and has now migrated to Banff, Canada where it is broadcasting all week as part of the Banff New Media Institute Makers '09 Festival.

If you missed the the live broadcast, don't feel left out. You can still watch us online at If you'd like to make your own micro-network station we've provided simple instructions at

OMG TV has been broadcasting analog tv since june 12th in New York City. Broadcasting on Channel 14 across all New York City's five boroughs. It's the only analog station still broadcasting in NYC. By embracing the Federal White Space Initiative and Fair-Use guidelines, OMG TV operates without a traditional and expensive network license. Anyone can watch by plugging in their analog antenna or tuning on to the website. is a non-commercial initiative by anonymous group of artists and media activists who aim to create television that reflects our current culture. OMG TV is packed with user-curated web gems which viewers create + vote on to be broadcast using the website. 8bit Jackson? Cats on segways? Best of fruit of the loom?

- But I already switched? How do I go back to analog, to watch OMG TV??

- Why would I want to watch web video on TV??

- What's the point??

To watch or for more info go to

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